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Interior Design with Reclaimed Wood

Fantastic look and feel with reclaimed wood


Reclaimed wood creates beautiful rustic decor and country home atmosphere. Old wood on a floor, ceiling or walls, and vintage furniture or pieces created of salvaged wood look striking and stylish, adding a natural feel to interior design and creating charming country home decor with unique accents.

Recycling old wood is good for the environment, and it gives a unique opportunity to be creative, blending modern interior design with structural elements and home furnishings in vintage style.

So the next time your driving by an old barn that looks like its had better days, stop and ask if you can have the barn board. Just promise to give it a next lease on life.

Using salvaged wood for modern interior design in country home style

salvaged wood ceiling beams and dining table

Salvaged wood beams and dining table

Country home decorating style feels inviting, informal and relaxing. Salvaged wood pieces add unique details to modern interior design, and decor looks like in country home, original, pleasant, welcoming and creative. Salvaged wood furniture is one-of-a-kind, adding rustic vibe to home interiors. Reclaimed wood on the ceiling create a traditional atmosphere of welcoming and warm country home style.

Old wood is stronger than new wood. Old wood does not split, swell or warp like new wood does. Recycling old piecesĀ  benefits modern interior design and decorating in so many ways.

old wood ceiling beams

Old wood ceiling beams, stone and wooden walls, modern interior design

Interior design with salvaged wood ceiling beams, posts, wall and floor, furniture or decorative accessories make a strong statement, creating unique rooms. Using old wood for modern interior design and redecorating you rooms in country home style giving your home amazing and elegant, rustic and casual look.

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Salvaged wood pieces, pallet wood and reclaimed wood from old barns, beams, log posts and timbers can be added to modern interior design and transform into great centerpieces for stunning and trendy country home decorating.

salvaged wood kitchen island

Salvaged wood kitchen island and wooden walls


unique bed design with salvaged wood

Unique bed design with salvaged wood timber for country home decorating style

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